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Shared Web Hosting Plans

New functionality brings maximum power to everyone.


$ 1.50 / mo
2GB SSD Space
50GB Bandwidth
cPanel Access
2 Website Hosted
Free SSL


$ 4.99 / mo
10GB SSD Space
500GB Bandwidth
cPanel Access
5 Website Hosted
Free SSL


$ 9.99 / mo
Unlimited SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel Access
Dedicated IP
Premium SSL

All Plans Include

We are so proud of our values and use them daily in business decisions.

cPanel Hosting

Choose from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans designed for a reliable web host.Our expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions, get you started, and grow your presence online.


SSD Storage

New protocol for accessing high-speed storage media that brings many advantages compared to legacy protocols.Different projects require different technologies. Pick a plan that matches your current needs, then upgrade and scale as your website grows.


FFMPEG Included

Shared Hosting and WordPress Premium servers are using LiteSpeed webserver technology with LiteSpeed Caching control.Our team of experts will solve technical issues to get your websites up and running. Anytime. Open a Support ticket.


100% Email Delivery

Our systems are using the latest Intel Xeon & AMD Epyc and Ryzen processors.We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to get the fastest page load speeds! Our support agents are reachable for 24/7/365. We Web Hosting is a leader within the customer support!


Website Builder

You can choose to have uncapped bandwidth, meaning no matter how much you use, you don’t have to deal with a slow server. We won’t choke your speeds when you’re using a lot, nor will we demand you use a minimum amount. It’s completely in your hands.


Pricing Guarantee

We can guarantee that no matter how hard you look, you’ll struggle to find a service as complete and dedicated as ours is for a cheaper cost. We offer the best possible dedicated managed server for a fair, low price, and we’re up front about any additional costs.


Full Control

We’re the host, but you still have full access to your server – you won’t be locked out of any area by us. You’ll have all the access you need to make changes and manage it the way that you want and need to.We offer a range of features to suit your needs


24x7 Support

We’re staffed 24×7, meaning that you never have to worry about an issue occurring outside of office hours. Our staff work hard to ensure that your server stays operational at all times – and they have brilliant results.


SSD Website hosting with cPanel

Our Smart Panel allows you to reload the operating system at any time, monitor server status, and provision new servers within minutes. Virtual Dedicated Servers have a variety of preconfigured operating systems to choose from for easy server management. Every component of our Virtual Dedicated Servers hosting platform is crafted for maximum reliability and resilience.


Reliable Shared Web Hosting

Think about what guaranteed really means, our company loves being able to say it. Achieving guaranteed uptime is a key component to our business model. Because our company realizes that uptime, means sales on websites and this is something our customer base demands. This is why, our business has developed a unique and time tested approach to getting the highest possible uptime percentages that lead to real rankings of 99.95% SLA uptime rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Web Hosting is the act of hosting a web site in a shared environment. By providing the necessary support and technologies, a website’s file system, platform, and resources are all stored by the web host. Most web hosts offer domain purchases that allow a web site to have its unique name. Finally, by combining all the pieces to the puzzle, a web host allows you to display the content of your web site onto the world wide web. Ultimately, affordable web hosting provides the ability to share your creative thoughts and ideas, ranging from personal to business, hosted on the internet!

We offer unlimited storage to our customers on our shared hosting environment without compromising speed and performance. Fixed storage is when each customer is allocated a fixed amount of the server’s resources and a limit is established without any ability to exceed this cap. Thus creating restrictions around the longterm & overall growth of your site.
The benefits to unlimited storage are somewhat self-explanatory, the hosting provider manages the load balancing of each server’s resources. This allows each customer to utilize ample resources without compromising speed and performance.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes therefore your budget needs to be flexible on the options provided to you. At InterServer we offer the standard web hosting package with Unlimited Space, Transfer, and Email. To fit the needs of about 99% of our customers. Typical sites that host with us are bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce websites and more. Some websites eventually become popular enough that they exhaust the resources allocated within a shared hosting environment and migrate to a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server. Even though an upgrade is required and is generally associated with a higher cost, it is usually indicative of a good thing. Your website is growing! The benefits include being hosted in a more private environment and benefit from increased speed, load times and reliability. If you feel that your needs are beyond the requirements of Shared Web Hosting, reach out to us and we can discuss what options are best for you.

The Managed Cloud Hosting Platform which comes with World Class Service!

BestSSDServers makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of cloud hosting. Our managed services provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your applications and data are always available and secure. We also offer a wide range of features to help you get the most out of your cloud hosting experience. From enterprise email solutions to automated backup and recovery, we have you covered.